Drawn Together: A conversation with the collection

My proposal was accepted by the Hunterian Museum for their Hunterian Associates Programme http://www.gla.ac.uk/hunterian/learning/hunterianassociates/

Recognised as a Collection of National Significance to Scotland, The Hunterian provides an inventive platform for postgraduate researchers to share their expert knowledge and to develop their skills through meaningful public engagement and knowledge exchange activities

The project ‘Drawn Together: A conversation with the collection’ is one of nine selected for the programme this year and follows on from the ‘Making the Invisible Visible project’. This time I will be working with the visitors to the museum, using their drawings and reflections, as well as my own to create a piece of work. The work will unfold through a weeklong residency and be documented here: http://drawnconversation.wordpress.com/

Additional narrative will be recorded here as an ‘outside’ space for my own reflections on the project research.


Observing making a drawing

Recording with the Go-Pro the making of an observational drawing. The recording is to observe the process not to demonstrate making a drawing. How does watching the recording enables me to reflect on my process and how can the making be incorporated into the work itself?

Drawing: Ink to Stitch

The object, a ‘crinoline lady brush’, belonged to my grandfather. I have clear memories of visiting him when I was young and using it to dust around the mantlepiece in his Victorian terraced house in Warberry Road, Wood Green, London.

Ink and stick drawings developed into quick free machine embroidered drawings on tracing paper with ink and found fabric.