More seemingly unrelated drawings

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A series of new work which makes sense of everything…

Seemingly disparate objects and experiences are juxtaposed to form interesting compositions and new meanings.

This sums up a new series of work which is now emerging from many years of practice. I have always been interested in and inspired by everyday objects, things collected and experiences with the mundane. Previous themes have been marbles and satellite dishes with moonscape references, chipforks, beermats, the common city pigeon with a nod to Marcel Broodthaers Eagle Museum and paper airplanes. What interests me is our relationship to objects, how they are used, and the context in which we view them. They may have personal meaning to us or have been found and ‘connect’ to us by chance. Sentiment and nostalgia play a big part in my work, either through a real personal attachment to the objects, or through an imagined and constructed narrative.

The visual aesthetics of the objects and images I work with are really important and sometimes it is about finding the hidden beauty in the banal and everyday. By playing with interesting juxtapositions and making connections between seemingly disparate artifacts interesting qualities emerge. Experiences and half recalled memories often inspire responses to objects and imagery the creative process often starts with photographs, the objects themselves and sketches. This ‘ideas research’ stage often involves revisiting existing work or developing unresolved pieces.

Pairings is a proposed series of pieces which will evolve through drawings, painting and textile processes.