Drawing: Ink to Stitch

The object, a ‘crinoline lady brush’, belonged to my grandfather. I have clear memories of visiting him when I was young and using it to dust around the mantlepiece in his Victorian terraced house in Warberry Road, Wood Green, London.

Ink and stick drawings developed into quick free machine embroidered drawings on tracing paper with ink and found fabric.

Felt Painting


This is a piece of work I started a while ago on a workshop. Got round to fully felting it – Image of Elsie lying in a bubble bath. I have just found the original inspiration photo so thought I would add this too! This was my first attempt at this techniques so I am not being too critical of it but it took a long time to do and the nature of felting means you loose a lot of control over the image – it captures a bit of the Elsie I know though.