The Hunterian Museum Digital Auto-Ethnography Research Project


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As part of The Hunterian museums’ Associates Programme I spent five days as an artist in residence for the project: ‘Drawn Together: A conversation with the collection’. It explored the creative making process from my point of view as artist (inside observee) and researcher (outside observer). Using a digital voice recorder, Go-Pro headcam and private and public digital platforms, the research examined how digital technologies can be used to facilitate reflection in the creative making process and make this reflective activity more visible to the self and others. My creative process was documented from beginning to end on a project blog ( with the completion of sculptural textile artefacts. These outcomes refer to and were inspired by an existing fine art textiles practice, the research methodology, conversations with visitors and the scientific laboratory equipment found in The Hunterian museum collections. The project captured the decisions taken within an emergent creative process that responded to the museum space, its artefacts and visitors. It was observed how both examining practice and using technology could inform, form and change this practice.

Link to The Hunterian Associates project page:

Reflective Film from Jo Neil on Vimeo.


Author: feltlikeit

Artist & Lecturer

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