Scrutinising approaches…University of Huddersfield

Scrutinising approaches to interdisciplinary collaborative practice in undergraduate digital, creative and performing arts, organised by the The Higher Education Academy 7th April 2014. Creative Arts Building University of Huddersfield. This seminar explores the benefits and pedagogical challenges of interdisciplinary practice in HE. It considers theoretical affordances and constraints, and responds to the 2010 report Collaborative Art Practices in HE, offering space for dialogue, especially on questions of situational and relational ethics in interdisciplinary creative arts practices.

Making the invisible visible: Using digital technologies to capture, recall and re-see the reflective process

The research so far has explored how using technologies and interdisciplinary approaches to document a creative process can reveal what is hidden, change how we think about our practice. How we share this practice, producing OERs that benefit our own practice and others’, has a potential impact on how we teach and learn from the creative process. There are interesting questions to explore: personal identity through a creative making process, finding a reflective voice and using technologies to stimulate recall, observe and respond to what is often hidden to us.

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Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 18.40.11


See Prezi Presentation Here


Author: feltlikeit

Artist & Lecturer

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