Research with Students

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About this research project:

Digital auto-ethnography as practice: Research with students

Students studying on creative art and design based programmes from University Centre Blackburn College have been invited to participate in a digital auto-ethnographic research project. The research asks students to use digital auto-ethnography approaches as part of their usual working practices.

Can using digital technologies to examine and document the creative working process help to develop greater insight into work and a richer creative practice? I am also interested in whether these approaches help students gain confidence in their transition from student to creative professional.

Students will have:

  • Access to online support materials for equipment and platforms (hosted on this blog)
  • Access to face to face workshops for the use of equipment, social media tools and platforms
  • Mentoring/tutorials to support their area of work
  • Invitations to optional group crit/tutorials across discipline areas

The tools come in the form of kit bags and include go-pro headcams, digital voice recorders, pulse reading wristbands and camcorders which allow for recordings to be instantly projected back to them. Students will also use public/private blogs and e-portfolio platforms like Evernote for example.

Project Blog Site:

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Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 14.09.42



Author: feltlikeit

Artist & Lecturer

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