GLAD Group for Learning in Art and Design University of Sheffield The Studio: Where Do We Learn? Where Do We Teach?

GLAD 2014 conference 2014,  ‘The Studio: Where Do We Teach? Where Do We Learn? At Sheffield Institute of Arts, Sheffield Hallam University on Thursday 27th February.

The title of this conference is a poignant one for me, it is about identities: The identities we have for the spaces we operate in but also for the identities we might have. The identity I have as a teacher, a student and a creative practitioner. Where does one role end and another begin? But also how these roles operate in different spaces; the physical classroom, the University online learning environment, my studio at home, the online spaces I add content to and curate as well as the spaces that exist on my mobile devices when I am capturing thoughts or documenting…

‘Making the invisible visible’ is a piece of ongoing practice led research where the process of making and reflecting on the making of a piece of work has been fully documented using various technologies such as audio and visual to record and capture as evidence. All parts of the documented and now visible process are becoming the work itself with the captured process being incorporated into the art work itself using innovative technologies. The final piece will be the sum of its parts.

The presentation explains how this research has since contributed to a ‘Cooc’ (Community Open Online Course), a learning space that exists outside of the boundaries of traditional educational environments, accessible and friendlier, more manageable and viable than the array of Massive Open Online Courses (Moocs). Using my research and creative practice as a contribution to Coocs I began to appreciate how blurred my role as educator/tutor, learner or expert participant may be, as well as how this shared learning was being constructed in a different sort of space. Having the opportunity to publish broadcast and share this ‘documentary’ as a Cooc has helped me broaden what I consider to be a ‘course’ or educational experience.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 18.31.29

Link to Prezi Presentation Here


Author: feltlikeit

Artist & Lecturer

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