Teaching and Learning Conference – Experience and Practice within College based HE

Friday 4th July, University Centre at Blackburn College

With Alicia Nordstrom, Director of CETL at Misericordia University, Pennsylvania ‘Remember the Data: Teaching Critical Thinking through Research-Based Assignments’

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 20.02.25

Bookable here: http://www.blackburn.ac.uk/teach-learn-conf/

Extract from my presentation with Peter Shukie and David Meir

This presentation explores the project as a rhizomatic studio space, where the practice explored the use of virtual and real spaces to create in and share with others. The auto-ethnographic ‘self-surveillance’ process enabled observations to be made of a creative practice, gain insight into the creative process and consider the benefits of documenting, reflecting, and using recall techniques. The process of capturing and documenting not only informed the work but also formed the work itself with visual and audio narratives being incorporated.



Author: feltlikeit

Artist & Lecturer

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