What is visible? Recall – transcript from audio created in response to watching the making a drawing documentation

Recall – transcript from audio created in response to watching the making a drawing documentation:

So before I start I spend a long time staring at the image and look back and forwards quite a bit and then start and then it is literally like a couple of seconds observing and a couple of seconds looking back at the paper. But then something I wasn’t particularly aware of, sometimes I pause and don’t make marks when I am looking at the image I am copying but sometimes I’m looking away and continuing to make marks and record. So in a way drawing blind in a way. It is not possible to look at the image in the book and the image on the paper at the same time so either there is a memory of what I am looking at I’m recording or actually I am looking at what I am observing but recording without looking at the same time. And as part of as different parts of the drawing emerge it starts to change the relationships between other things that are already there so more confident in putting things in place or finding where to put something. And each new part requires looking and I am surprised at just the sheer amount of movement that is obviously magnified by having something on top of your head rather than the quick glance that you feel is happening when you are actually drawing. I mean it is not a measured drawing it is not critical that there is an exact replica of what’s being observed, it’s about capturing something of that image that is being translated and yet there is a lot of checking and observing. I think one thing I like doing is working quite quickly I would rather have rather have the pen making marks and moving and allowing something to kind of emerge and grow and I remember when I was drawing it how there were some awkward bits, there were some bits that, just were difficult to get right but when watching it back, it doesn’t seem that way. It just seems like that by working into it things kind of get resolved, when you are making a piece of work you are never sure whether those things will get resolved and so it’s a well its just slightly more problematic in the actual making.

I am looking back now at the still image and the drawing emerging at the same time and I can see the inaccuracies that I was not able to see immediately when I was drawing it perhaps the angles or length of the arms the overall shape of the figure and objects. And what does this watching back tell me what insight does it give me? Well I think maybe I see parts of things rather than things as a whole and I guess rather that be able to give in-depth insight into that particular drawing I think in terms of how I might approach drawings in the future might be affected by how I do develop a drawing and think about some over all parts and shapes and get a feel for those so its is a fleshing out rather than a building on process that’s how I have approached drawing from an image from a book rather than how I would observe from life. I guess it has given me insights it is just not into that as a piece of work but perhaps insights that might help with subsequent pieces.


Author: feltlikeit

Artist & Lecturer

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