Visible technology interference

Today (17/10/13) I have been thinking about how some of the outputs from the process, the films and audio, are going to be incorporated into the piece as it goes along… I have been considering whether the documentation is now becoming disruptive as I am now having to consider how using technology to document the process, as well as using technology to show the process, needs to be part of the work. This led me to look into how I might make my own hidden speakers, which are constructed using conductive thread. The thread would be ‘stitched’ or worked into drawings I produce, as responses to my imagery from the books. I have also borrowed a GoPro head camera to record the making of the drawings and investigated how I might use small LCD screens to display the recordings, again incorporated into the drawings (somehow).
This speaker and LCD research is possibly a form of procrastination and distraction from making. However some form of procrastination  is an important part of the making, and the thinking I am doing is a form of ‘editing’ – thinking through and rejecting ideas about what to do next, rather than just doing them. However, I try and stop myself from doing this too much as it can result in nothing getting made… This also highlights the difficulty in authentically documenting a thought process… Much of where I am now with my ideas has evolved from a lot of internal thinking as well as external discussions:
I made a decision with this experimental research to construct a piece of work from its process so I need to accept what this process is. ‘Embedding’ the technology I am using is an important element to this. The technology (film and audio) are materials and forms of expression and communication in the same way that any other materials I use are.
I am excited about how the speakers and moving imagery might ’embed’ in the drawings as this is new territory for me.

Author: feltlikeit

Artist & Lecturer

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