H808 – First Impressions

My first impressions of H808 are in the context of having just completed (nearly H800) and it feels like I am being able to put into practice theory we covered in H800. How we work in our tutor group community and collaborate in the forums is exciting and although these were important elements for H800 I feel a more heightened expectation of how we will work together and reflect on our own professional practices over the next few months. I have spent the last six months dabbling with technology tools and theories, I feel with H808 I will be able to explore further, consider, reflect, share, and refine how I use these tools.


Author: feltlikeit

Artist & Lecturer

3 thoughts on “H808 – First Impressions”

  1. Hi Jo,

    I thought i’d comment here rather than just on the forum. I feel the same. I loved H800 because it gave me the theoretical background I wanted but I now feel I need to do something more practical.

    It will be interesting to see the dynamic of the group and how it works. My group in H800 were fab and we all had very different opinions and experiences on things. I am looking forward to reflecting on what it means to be a professional.

  2. Great to see that you feel the theory and concepts from H800 are going to be applied on H808.

    Keep me posted on what you think we can do to make the ‘tools’ and interactivity work well. I’d appreciate your commnets on this.


  3. Jo, how about posting a link to your ‘Tools for Teaching and Learning’ in our Treasure Chest?

    I think it would be really interesting and stimulating for others to see what can be done – and read the various ‘snippets’, of course.


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