This blog was originally set up to ‘publicise’ research into textiles, my own art practice as well as using it as a way to promote the courses I run. The posts were more explanatory and descriptive rather than reflective on the whole, allowing me to document snippets of my creative practice and teaching. When asked to try blogging for the MA module ‘H800’ I began by using the Open University closed blog and chose to make some posts public and some private. This is interesting in itself, demonstrating the different ways a blog can be used for study and communication. These posts were much more reflective and task led and often fed directly into activities on the course forums.

However, H800 resurrected my interest in blogging in general and I started to post much more frequently on my blog. This blog became more more diary like, with a section for week-by-week reflection of H800 as well as updates on conferences my own and students work, only separated by the tags I gave them. I was keen for the blog to have all facets of my interests on it to help me post regularly rather than have several blogs on the go. It was at this point that it became the blog for making, teaching and learning.

There are issues with this and I was concerned over who my audience(s) were and whether those interested in the textiles would be put off by the education/technology and vice versa. However through restructuring the blog and how the posts can be navigated, I hope I have created something that allows me to keep everything together as well as give the content a coherent structure. Finding the right ‘voice’ and conversational reflective style that I feel comfortable with for the blog has been an experimental process. The module ‘The E-Learning Professional’, my penultimate module for my MA has already got me re-evaluating my blog, how I am using it and what it is for. Watch this e-space!


Author: feltlikeit

Artist & Lecturer

2 thoughts on “Blogging”

  1. Glad to see you thinking about the organizational and usability issues here.

    I think a multi-faceted blog, like this one, is a truly organic thing – and its exciting being able to change its ‘shape’ and structure to suit. A bit amoeba-like!

    Looking forward to tracking this one!


  2. Yes definitely amoeba-like! I feel comfortable with this now but it was initially quite difficult – I find myself coming back to the importance of structure (templates, lesson design etc…) to enable expansive learning.

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